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Want to develop a strong email list for your business?

Build, manage, and grow your customer and member lists with our step-by-step guide. We'll help you build permission-based lists the easy, affordable way, with Constant Contact.
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Get Started with the Best Online Email Marketing Solution

* It’s All-In-One – Email Marketing + Newsletters + Surveys + Tools + Reports
* It’s Easy – Quick Marketing Results for Anyone from Any Computer
* It’s Affordable – Best Pricing for Any Budget
* It’s Scalable – Web-based Email Marketing Software for One or One Million
* It’s Reliable – 99% Delivery Verified – White-list Agreements with major ISPs
* It’s Friendly – Live Customer Support
* It’s Free – Start Your 30-Day Free Trial – All Features Enabled
* It’s Multi-Media Rich – One-click Audio, Video, Flash & eVoiceSpot

Choose Your Targeted Category...

Adult Auto Bag
Bearing Car Casino
Classified Companies Computers
Cosmetics Culture Dining
Drugs Electronics Flowers
Food Furniture Gamble
Garden Garments Geographic
Gift Golf Health
Home Business Hotlist Houseware
Insurance International Internet Market
Internic Invest Jewelry
Law Literature Misc
Mobile Phone Music News
Opp Seekers Opt-In Outdoors
PetLovers Post Psychic
Publish Recreations School
Science Sci-Fi ShowBizz
Sports State Stock
Superlist Textile The Tropics
Toys Trading Travel
Watch WebDesign    

We are the world's simplest email marketing solution provider. This is a simple program, which offers:

We are proud to design the program so simple, so that people with no technical experience can do it easily. We’ll provide everything you need to manage your email marketing.

Heavy SMTP Server to send unlimited emails
Your Customized Hosting
Free Setup
Managed Email Marketing
150,000 Active Customers for new businesses

If you are new, you will enjoy our email marketing program, as it is the simplest program on earth.

Most email marketing companies will cheat you, and they only provide soft wares which are only programmed and they don't provide SMTP Servers to send emails quickly.

You only need to write your content, select template, plan your date, attach your customer's database, and get started.

See Your Email Marketing in Action with us!

Email marketing is the fastest step in the process of promoting new products, urgent sales, interesting offers and revolutionary discounts. With our direct email marketing program you can reach out and communicate with your customers using an easy, affordable and effective platform.

Email is a very powerful marketing tool. In spite of spammers abusing the medium, email can still be used and is still valued by users for timely, rich and enticing information and advertisements.
Marketers are moving away from expensive endeavors such as TV and radio ads and are reallocating their budgets to less expensive direct marketing efforts. This year, email and Internet marketing budgets are expected to grow at an above-average, double-digit rate.

The current economic outlook has caused a shift in the way corporations and individuals plan their budgets. Processes have been streamlined, expenses are kept to a minimum, and purchases are made more carefully. Marketers need to revamp their marketing strategies so they not only speak to their audiences differently, but so they maximize their own budgets as well

Why Choose Us:

• 100% Satisfaction
• Affordably Priced
• Easy To Use
• High Deliverability
• Can-Spam Ready

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